End of Lease Vacate Cleaning

Who are Manhattan Maids?

Manhattan Maids are an agency offering professional housekeeping and domestic cleaning services.  We have been operating since 2003 and our clients are typically based in the Western Suburbs (West Perth to Fremantle) and in the Southern Corridor (South Perth through to Fremantle).


Our End of Lease maids specialise in meeting even the toughest Property Manager & Owners standards are met.  They are fully aware of the standard industry expectations, but will also liaise with you to ensure that any special conditions in your lease agreement are met.


Our maids are independent contractors who work through us on client placements.  For this arrangement we charge a nominal agency fee that is paid by your maid to us.


How we differ from other agencies is that we want to maintain an ongoing relationship with you and we therefore focus on ensuring that you receive a quality service that meets your requirements.  We also have an Area Manager whose job it is to ensure that the quality is maintained and they are available to talk to you about any concerns or compliments you may have with regards to your End of Lease Vacate Clean.


How do you access the property?

Your designated maid will call you the day before your End of Lease Vacate Clean to confirm access details and to obtain any security information.


Your maid is fairly flexible on entry arrangements, however we want to ensure that there is a quick and efficient manner in which your maid can gain access. Our clients typically find that the most efficient and easy way is to provide your maid their own key and security access details or to meet them on site.


Please refer to our Cancellation Policy should you be running late or unable to provide access to your maid for any reason.


How many people will clean my property?

Depending on the size of your property, your tenancy checklist / lease requirements and the anticipated time to be taken, our maids will either work individually, or together with another maid.


Some clients find this particularly useful to minimise the amount of time in the property – particularly if you are to return keys to your property manager or owner within a given period of time.


When more than one maid is at the job, the quoted time – which was given in “maid” hours – is lessened by the number of people. For example, if you were scheduled for a four-hour service and two service providers are assigned to your job, the cleaning should be completed in 2 hours or four “maid”-hours.


Will I know who the maid is before they get there?

Yes, definitely!  Your maid will be calling you the day before your scheduled clean to confirm access details and to obtain any security information from you.  Your maid will also discuss with you the best method to return your keys and to collect final payment.


Are Manhattan Maids trained and supervised?

Quality and training go hand-in-hand!  All our maids attend our “Maid School” prior to being placed with any clients.  This is to ensure that every maid is fully trained and consistent in their cleaning to meet our expected quality standards.


Our End of Lease division has specially trained maids that specialise in meeting even the toughest Property Manager or Owners standards.


What’s more is that we offer a 100% service guarantee:  If your Property Manager is not happy with the clean, let us know within 24 hours and we will correct it for free!



As an agency requirement, all maids at Manhattan Maids are contractually required to be covered by Public Liability Insurance.  Certificates of Currency are available upon request.


What is the cost of my End of Lease Vacate clean?

Fees are based on the size and condition of your property, as well as what your property manager / owner has stipulated in your lease agreement. When you phone us, we will provide you with an initial estimate. Once your maid enters your property, they will have a better sense of exactly how long the end of lease vacate cleaning should take. As soon as they become aware of a discrepancy between the estimate and actual time needed, your maid will immediately contact Manhattan Maids management who will try to contact you to discuss the difference.


Please note that the nature of an End of Lease Vacate clean often requires very specific and high intensity tasks (for example, oven cleaning, cleaning fans, blinds, etc), and will therefore take longer than a regular clean.


How do I pay for your services?

As an independent contractor, your maid will collect payment from you at the completion of your end of lease vacate clean.  They accept the following forms of payment: Cash, Electronic Funds Transfer, MasterCard/Visa.  Please note that 2.5% transaction fee does apply for credit card payments.


Payment is always due at the time of service. For End of Lease Vacate Cleans, we require your credit card details at the time of your booking to secure the date and time.  A pre-authorisation for the amount will be made from your credit card 24 hours prior to your clean.


Late Payments

If paying by EFT and your payment is not received within 3 working days of the completed service, your credit card will be processed for the full payment amount.


What is the cancellation policy?

We require 3 days notice for all End of Lease Vacate Clean cancellations.  Should your cancellation be within 1-3 days of the scheduled booking, it will be necessary for us to charge you 3 hours cleaning.  For cancellations made within 24 hours of the scheduled booking, the full estimated charge will apply.  This is to cover the loss of income from the maids not being able to book themselves out to another client.