9 cleaning hacks for people with cats and dogs

9 cleaning hacks for people with cats and dogs

Because you love your dog, but your dog loves mud.

We don’t need to tell you how great pets are. And we also don’t need to tell you that as wonderful as your puppy is, she also counts weeing on your expensive rug as a recreational sport. Here’s how to keep a clean home, and keep your pets, too.

Hack #1. If your pet sheds a lot of hair,  use a dry squeegee to rake it off carpets and rugs.

Because you love your dog, but your dog loves mud.

Hack #2. Doggy breath? Mix a small amount of finely chopped parsley into your dog’s food for fresher breath.

Hack #3. For urine stains and smells, mix two cups of white vinegar, two cups of warm water and four teaspoons of bicarb soda into a spray bottle. After blotting as much of the stain as you can, spray the area thoroughly. Leave for five minutes and blot again, then leave to dry.

Hack #4. For really stubborn stains, like blood or mud, pour some hydrogen peroxide on it (testing an inconspicuous patch first) and cover with a white towel. Press a hot iron on the towl for 15-20 seconds, repeating until the stain is removed.

Hack #5. Has your puppy weed on the bed? Throw your linens in the wash with a cup of apple cider vinegar to get rid of the ammonia smell.

Hack #6. If your pet sheds a heap of hair, try to lay down a towel or old sheet where you know they’ll sit regularly – their preferred place in the car, on the lounge, even their own beds. It’s so much easier to shake off hair from a towel, wash and replace, than it is to clean upholstery.

Hack #7. Lint brushes and tape rollers make excellent hair removers if your dog has set up camp on your prized lounge.

Hack #8. For litter boxes, remove waste at least twice a day, and change the entire box at least once a week. Wash, rinse and dry in the sun if possible.

Hack #9. Cats aren’t shy about walking over food prep areas (or, in fact, anywhere). To keep them off counters, the RSPCA recommends placing aluminium foil on the edge of the counters, which will cause the cat to slip slightly – the idea of getting back up there won’t be very attractive after that.

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Author: Lauren Sams

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