The best cleaning tips are those that are quick and easy. Here’s some of the best chemical-free time-saving cleaning hacks we’ve come across lately.

1. Freshen the dishwasher with a lemon

Skewer a half a lemon inside to help cut grease and make it smell even better. Add a few drops of tea tree oil for an extra antifungal and antibacterial boost. Also, remember to clean your filters on a regular basis.

2. Mop your ceilings

Clean cobwebs with ENJO’s micro fibre floor mop – or their great new multi-purpose cleaning device.  It’s like a cross between the mop and a window cleaning tool! Cleaning your roof using either of these items put their unique patented fibres to work.  It is also great for preventing mold growth by drying the areas of condensation above the shower. Pure brilliance!

3. … and your shower walls

The same ENJO micro fibre mop or multi-purpose tool works wonders on shower tile walls. Spray water on the floor first, then dampen your mop or tool with a little water and mop away. How much better could it get?

4. Double up your microwave clean

Did you know that you can clean your sponges and your microwave at the same time?

Pop your wet sponges in there and zap for 2 minutes – when they come out (remove with tongs – they’ll be hot!) they’ll be santised, and as a bonus, the wet heat will loosen the muck in your microwave, making it super easy to wipe away.

5. Remember: Oil removes grime

Oil cleansing may appear frightening, but because “like attracts like,” oil is ideal for removing dirt, grime, pollution, makeup, and sunscreen. To remove nasty buildup from your stove top, use a paper towel soaked in vegetable oil. Alternatively, apply some eucalyptus oil or spray to your greasy rangehood, sticky venetian blinds, or filthy, dusty ceiling fan blades.

6. Clean your air con vents with a butter knife

Wrap a butter knife in a cleaning cloth soaked in your cleaning solution of choice. And there you have it: an instant vent cleaning tool!

7. Scrub your shower with a dish wand

Grab a dishwashing wand with a scrubbing end, and fill it with half white vinegar, half eco-friendly dishwashing liquid and a few drops of eucalyptus oil. Scrub your shower (while you’re in there, you’ll save even more time!)

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