Thanks for your web enquiry expressing your interest in working with Manhattan Maids as an independent contractor.

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Please email this back to This allows us to capture your information and availability – you can also select your preferences for client location, hours and times, etc.

Once completed, can you please return to me by either email or fax. I’ll then go through it and ring to organize an interview with you should we wish to proceed with your application.

I have also included the following information about us so that you get to know us a little more.

Our maids say there are the following benefits to working with us:

 An Established Reputation – Manhattan Maids have been housekeeping agency specialists since 2003, providing maids & domestic cleaners for clients.  We have a great reputation for being fair and supportive of our maids and ensuring that they ALWAYS get paid from their clients.

Great Clientele! – We attract a quality and up-market clientele who typically engage maids over a long period of time – as well as broadening their services as the relationship develops.  We have a large number of repeat and referral clients.

Every day is pay day! – Clients will pay you directly on completion of the cleaning service provided.  Independent Contractor rates are between $28 per hour (regular cleaning) to $38 per hour (spring/vacate cleaning) – in your hand!

Ongoing work & flexibility of hours– we can provide you with as much work as you want with qualified fabulous clients.  Hours can be any time between 8am – 5pm (no evenings unless doing ironing clients).

Quality Control – We believe that quality and understanding Manhattan Maids expectations goes hand in hand!  We provide an accredited Manhattan Maids Maid School Induction for Independent Contractors to ensure that you are fully informed of the operational requirements and expectations we have of your service provision.

An Area Manager – Who works with you to ensure that you are well informed of your clients requirements and to be the go-between on any client issues.

What you must be willing to provide …

 A pleasant, friendly and professional service – our clients insist on the best maids in the business.  Therefore we guarantee that maids provide a high level service, whilst being friendly, pleasant and professional.

Confidentiality – our clients require complete confidentiality about the services they receive as well as any information regarding their home or family.

100% pride in the services you provide – We guarantee clients the highest quality service.  Therefore it is essential that all maids pay attention to the detail, are comfortable taking the initiative and that they take great satisfaction in leaving a thoroughly cleaned home.

Adherence to our Security Policy – To ensure our clients security (and yours), we have a mandated security policy that you will be asked to enforce.

High level of presentation – our clients require our maids to be well presented, well groomed and wear a uniform and name tag.

Police Clearance – As an industry standard, we will require you to provide a valid Police Clearance before we can place you with any Manhattan Maids clients.

An ABN – you must have in place, or be willing to have in place, an Australian Business Number before working with our clients (see You can wait until after your interview to have this in place.

Public Liability Insurance – You must have in place, or be willing to obtain, a current Public Liability insurance policy.  Should you require more information on how to establish a policy, we can refer you to insurance providers that provide competitive, well priced, monthly insurance premiums for the required cover (approximately $9.00 per week which is also a tax deduction).  You can wait until after your interview to have this in place.

We look forward to chatting with you further.  In the meantime, if I can be of further assistance or answer any other questions, please feel free to call us on 1300 864 770 or email email this back to

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